Security Alarm systems


We can offer a full range of mainteance services from repairs and takeovers of existing systems to full design and installation of a new system. 

If your security alarm is not regularly maintained, it can result in faults on the system or false alarms

Wired Systems

A wired alarm is one where all the devices are connected to the main control panel by cables. 

Traditionally wired systems were preferred to Wireless ones, because they were perceived to be more robust and reliable. This is no longer the case as Wireless technology has improved considerably over the years.

Wired alarms can offer a cost effective upgrade solution when upgrading an existing alarm, with installed wiring.

Wireless Systems

Wireless alarms offers a greater degree of flexibility compared to a Wired system. There is little or no redecoration required, also no surface mounted cables.

Graded systems should be installed by a recognized installation company and should be serviced annually, to ensure its ongoing efficiency. This is usually a requirement of Insurance companies.

Apart from the obvious benefit of no wiring, additional devices can be added to the base system as the need arises. This can include cameras, smoke detectors, perimeter alarms and many more. It can also be uninstalled and taken with you, when you move house

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